The bme680 extension connects to a BME680 device to gather environmental readings. The sensor will return temperature, humidity, pressure, gas and the set altitude.

This extension does not take an extension level config and is focused on interfaces.

Sensor Interface

Provides a sensor that returns BME680 readings.

key[String]YesUnique slug id for the component
address[String]YesI2C address as integer to use on board. Default: 0x76 i.e. 118.
name[String]NoFriendly display name of component. Useful for UI.
calibration_pressure[Float]NoYour locations pressure (hPa) at sea level to calibrate sensor. Default: 1013.25

Config Examples

Here is a config of a complete bme680 sensor.

"sensor": [{
    "key": "bme680_sensor",
    "interface": "bme680",
    "address": 118,
    "calibration_pressure": 1013.25


Here is an example of the data returned by the BME680:

    "temperature": 50,
    "humidity": 64,
    "pressure": 1013,
    "gas": 72.1,
    "altitude": 79.1