Getting Started

Build your own automated smart garden using a raspberry pi that you can easily configure for any size project.
Basic Automated Garden from Scratch
1 Preparing the SD Card 4:02
2 Booting Up & Configuring Raspbian 4:48
3 SSH and SSH Keys (Video Coming Soon)
4 Install Redis on Raspberry Pi from Compiled Source (Video Coming Soon)
5 Updating Python on Raspbian & Installing Useful Packages (Video Coming Soon)
6 How to Install MudPi from GitHub Repository (Video Coming Soon)
7 Attaching Our First Sensor (Video Coming Soon)
8 Using a Relay for the Pump (Video Coming Soon)
9 Logging Values to a File (Video Coming Soon)

Stay Up To Date With MudPi

MudPi is still being developed and updated with new features. Drop your email and I will contact you once or twice a month with the latest updates.