Build your own MudPi following our guides that will teach you the basics of preparing a pi all the way to expanding your setup with multiple nodes.

Beginner MudPi

Getting Started with MudPi

Ready to get started with MudPi? Learn the basics of how to install and configure your own MudPi setup.

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Beginner MudPi

Raspberry Pi from Scratch

Learn how to to prepare a fresh raspberry pi with raspbian and all the packages we will need to get started with Mudpi.

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Intermediate MudPi

Attach Arduinos to MudPi

Learn how to build sensor units. Arduinos compatible with additional sensors that can all be controlled from the Mudpi master unit.

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Weather Station

Use a raspberry pi and DHT temperature sensor take weather readings periodically.

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Enhancing MudPi


Create Timelapse using ffmpeg

Connect a camera to MudPi and build a timelapse script to generate a daily timelapse video.

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