Build your own automation system powered by MudPi Core

A python library to gather sensor readings, trigger components, control solenoids and more in an event based system that can be run on a raspberry pi.

Mudpi Smart Garden Unit

Getting Started with MudPi

Ready to get started with MudPi? Learn the basics of how to install and configure your own MudPi setup.

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Raspberry Pi from Scratch

Learn how to to prepare a fresh raspberry pi with raspbian and all the packages we will need to get started with Mudpi.

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Using Redis with MudPi

See how to interact with data over Redis and send data to MudPi. This can be done using python or manually in the cli.

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Mudpi Smart Garden Unit
Built Open Source

The Mudpi Core

The foundation of Mudpi runs software that keeps everything in communication and gathers data to publish to other units. This is the Mudpi Core. It's responsible for gathering all the sensor readings, triggering components and logging data all in an event based system. The core is open source and developed to be a platform to build upon.

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MudPi Discord Server

Interested in the latest developments and what other folks have been building with MudPi? Join the MudPi discord server to keep in touch with fellow MudPi users including myself.

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