Trigger Groups Configuration

A trigger group allows the combination of multiple triggers together. To make a trigger group create a config object containing an array triggers with all the triggers to be grouped. A trigger group will assume the responsibility for actions and frequency and those options should be defined on the group not the individual triggers.

Below is an example of a trigger group configuration.

    "triggers": [
            "group": "Trigger Group 1",
            "actions": ["turn_on_pump"],
            "triggers": [{}, {}, ...]


group[String]NoFriendly display name of the trigger group. Useful for UI.
actions[Array]NoList of action keys to be triggered by group.
sequences[Array]NoList of sequence keys to be triggered.
frequency[String]YesNumber of times to trigger actions once trigger is active. Options: once, many
triggers[Array]NoArray of trigger configurations. See Trigger Configuration

Learn more about trigger groups under the trigger docs.