Sprout ESP32 Devkit

Sprout is a ESP32 devkit aimed for ultra low power battery operations. Equipped with an ESP32-Wroom this devkit can communicate on 2.4GHZ wifi and bluetooth & bluetooth low energy. On board is a usb to serial converter CH340 chip and 3.3v voltage regulator with low standby current to minimize battery drain. The design is breadboard friendly and made to be great for easy prototyping.

This board was designed for low power battery operations with super low standby current when in deep sleep. The pins are breadboard friendly with multiple power and ground connections for quick prototyping. Auto programming is supported and you should be able to upload from Arduino IDE without needing to press buttons on board. The notch at the top is to help prevent wireless communication interference. There are no on board LEDs in order to keep lower standby current.

Board Specs

  • ESP32-Wroom Equipped (2.4GHz wifi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Onboard USB to Serial converter CH340
  • 3.3v LDO Regulator with Ultra low Standby Current for Deep Sleep
  • Deep Sleep Current under 100uA
  • Auto program / Auto reset enabled
  • Upload from Arduino IDE without pressing onboard buttons
  • Onboard Reset and Flash buttons
  • Multiple Power and GND Pins for easy prototyping with multiple powered devices
  • Notched board top to help with wireless communications
  • Fits Sprout Breakout Board

Note: The LDO is rated at 500mA and designed for low standby power. If you attach a bunch of components you may need to supply power to them through another regulator or swap out the onboard LDO to a higher rated one. Keep in mind the standby current is usually larger on those as well.


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