Esp8266 Solar Breakout Board

This board provides solar power management, battery power support and GPIO breakouts to screw terminals for the ESP8266. There are sockets for onboard temperature sensor support. An onboard voltage read circuit can sample battery level. Additional connectors to attach other modules like relays.

**Limited Early Edition Board**

This board was design for low power operations on battery power with the ability for solar recharging with MPPT control. Most onboard components have the option to be disabled or toggled for low power consumption. Components also still have their GPIO pins available via terminal in case the component is not needed and access to the GPIO pin is desired. IC connectors are compatible to hook up to other component modules like the relay board.

Board Specs

  • Screw Terminal Breakouts for GPIO
  • Solar Power Support with MPPT Charge Circuit (28V 4A)
  • Adjust MPPT with onboard potentiometer
  • 3.7 LiPo Battery Power Support
  • Onboard Battery Protection (Overdischarge & overcurrent)
  • Onboard Voltage Read Circuit attached to GPIO A0
  • Toggle Voltage Read Circuit Power with GPIO D8 for low power projects
  • 2x Resistors for Onewire bus on GPIO pins D5 & D6
  • Screw Terminals for 5Vin
  • Screw Terminal for 3.3Vin
  • Onboard Socket for Temperature Sensor (DHT11 / DHT22) Support
  • Onboard DS18B20 temperature sensor support
  • Additional Header for I2C
  • Power Selection (5V or 3.3V) for I2C
  • Support for Radio XBEE (2.4ghz, Lora)
  • IDC Connector for Relay Module
  • IDC Connector for SPI Radio/SD Modules
  • Jumpers to disable onboard leds and components for low power projects

Note: This Module is Offered as a kit and requires some assembly. All components will need to be assembled including surface mount components as small as package size 0603.

Note: External 5V / 3.3V in does not charge battery. Some onboard components are still available via a screw terminal. D7, D6, A6, A7


Price per kit
Arduino Nano Solar Controller Breakout Shield

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