Arduino Uno Screw Terminal Shield

Arduino screw shield has screw terminals for GPIO break outs to connect sensors and modules. Support for onboard DS18B20 and DHT(11/22) temperature sensor. IC connectors for relay and radio modules. Prototype zone included for easy testing with custom components.

**Limited Early Edition Board**

Board Specs

  • Screw Terminal Breakouts for GPIO
  • Screw Terminals for 5Vin
  • Screw Terminal for 3.3Vin
  • Onboard Socket for Temperature Sensor (DHT11 / DHT22) Support
  • Additional Header for I2C
  • Power Selection (5V or 3.3V) for I2C
  • On Board Status LEDs
  • IDC Connector for Relay Module
  • IDC Connector for SPI Radio/SD Modules

Note: This Module is Offered as a kit and requires some assembly. All surface mount components will be provided preassembled leaving only through hole components for you to complete.


Price per kit
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