Automated smart garden that you can easily configure
for any size garden project.

Highly Customizable

MudPi was designed to be used in setups of all sizes from single plants to multiple garden boxes.

Remote & Automated Control

Allow your garden to comfortably run while you're busy and know you can take total control at your fingertips if you ever want to.

Save Your Time

Spend less time watering and monitoring your garden. MudPi waters and monitors sensors for you.

Gather Garden Insights

With a variety of sensors supported, MudPi allows you to gather valuable readings on your garden to learn from.

Automated Watering

MudPi uses scheduling along with predictive forecasts to only water plants when they need it.

Multiple Sensor Support

With a variety of sensors supported, MudPi allows you configure and use a number of common sensors available for low cost out of the box.


Hello! I'm Eric Davisson, a developer and engineer from Wisconsin. I built and maintain MudPi for fun. MudPi was created as a personal project to help me manage my garden without taking all of my free time. Follow me on twitter and check back for updates as they are made available.

Stay Up To Date With MudPi

MudPi is still being developed and updated with new features. Drop your email and I will contact you once or twice a month with the latest updates.