Grow the produce you love with less water, time and effort

A scalable smart garden system that allows you to maintain controls, monitor conditions, and sustainably manage resources of your garden.

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Mudpi Smart Garden Unit


Open Source Core Technology


Configure and customize MudPi to your specific garden needs providing personalized care.

Remote & Scheduled Control

Create powerful schedules to care for your garden while your away or busy with other things. You can also take manual control for the more involved gardeners.

Save Resources

Spend less time, water and money by giving your plants care when they need it most. Using valuable sensor readings and schedules you can reduce your waste and help maintain a healthy thriving garden.

Automated Watering

Efficiently water plants when they need it most by using automated watering schedules.

Gather Garden Insights

Monitor and maintain your garden at peak efficiency with useful data such as soil moisture, weather, light intensity and more.

Multi-Sensor Support

Gather useful data with a variety of sensors and components supported out of the box. Additional sensor and units can be integrated with the core system.

Configurable Smart Irrigation Products

Use our configuration tool to quickly add units and change your system as you scale.

Main Control Unit

Master Controller

  • Runs the main MudPi core.
  • Manages any attached sensors and units.
  • Controls main valves and relays.
  • Monitors tanks water levels.
  • Logs readings into temporary memory store.
  • Publishes events and data to Redis.
  • Can host controls interface or dashboards.
  • Run standalone or expand with additional units.
  • Multiple master controllers can be connected together*
Main MudPi Controller
Attachable Sensor Control Unit
Expandable Sensor Unit

Sensor Controller

  • Analyzes Soil Moisture, Humidity, Temperature, Rain, Light Intensity
  • Compatible with variety of commercially available analog and digital sensors.
  • Manages any attached sensors.
  • Controls zone valves and additional relays.
  • Monitors tanks water levels.
  • Publishes sensor data to main control unit.

MudPi Solarbeam

Get ready to launch your control station and take command of your garden with a suite of awesome tools. Solarbeam is a privacy minded platform built over the core system that allows you to schedule automated tasks, monitor sensor readings from the web, and provides a variety of features to enhance your garden efficiency. Not to mention a sweet user interface.

Solarbeam can also be deployed as a local installation. Ask us for info!

MudPi Control Web App

Currently in alpha

We Believe in the Right to Repair

The core platform of MudPi was built open source and available to the public. We believe in order to build a strong service users should be able to expand on a platform to their needs with ease. The components we use are commercially available can be self replaced. We even have guides to help you.

How it Works

MudPi is made to install on top of your existing irrigation. This way you're not locked to any specific method or vendor. The main controller unit is capable of regulating water with pumps or controlled valves. It follows schedules and parameters you specify such as desired soil moisture can control when to water your plants. Sensors are polled periodically for recent values that can be stored. You get notifications of garden conditions and alerts of anything important.

Garden with Mudpi Sensor Control Unit


Garden maintained by mudpi smart garden

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Indoor plants with lights watered by mudpi system

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Ready to use MudPi for your irrigation system? Get in touch with us. We are also happy to discuss custom integrations and project builds. If you interested in a demo or speaking engagement, please let us know!

Build it Yourself Approved

If you're a tinkerer and up for the task, you can build your own smart garden powered by MudPi. The core technology behind MudPi is open source and design to be a foundation to build upon. We have free guides to help you deploy your own setup along with custom kits to speed up the process.

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MudPi is still being developed and updated with new features. Want to know when we launch? Drop your email and I will contact you once or twice a month with the latest updates.

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Eric the creator of mudpi along side his wife.

Wisconsin Made ♥

Hello! I'm Eric Davisson, a full stack developer and tinkerer from Wisconsin. MudPi was created as a personal project to help me manage my garden without taking all of my free time. The project has grown and I quickly realized many other people could benefit from its useful possibilities. Automated gardening doesn't have to be hard or overpriced. This is why the core platform was created as a foundation that could be built upon.

MudPi is actively being developed and improved. I greatly welcome any feedback or suggestions! Sign up for the newsletter and check back for updates as they are made available.

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